Where to Watch

Fundamental to CCI’s mission is educating consumers about the ecosystem for digital content and the growing number of choices that exist for accessing music, movies and TV shows online. We know from our own research that most Internet users want to consume content lawfully, but  need more guidance about how to engage online legally. Provided with more resources, they would be less likely to use illegal sources for accessing digital content.

Today, our colleagues at the MPAA launched an exciting new search engine called WhereToWatch to do just that. The new site serves as a one-stop shop where fans can easily find the shows and movies they love online. The interface allows users to search for movies and television shows; determine where on the Internet, in movie theaters, or on television they can see them; and even to click through to those sources to access them or purchase tickets.  CCI is happy to provide a direct link to WhereToWatch through our site, as we offer users “A Better Way to Find Movies, TV and Music”.

Websites such as WhereToWatch and the RIAA’s Music Matters (which CCI also links directly to) not only provide valuable tools for consumers to access the content they want but are also positively influencing user choices online.

We applaud today’s announcement from MPAA and are excited about the future of digital entertainment marketplace. To learn more please visit: www.WhereToWatch.com or copyrightinformation.org/a-better-way-to-find-movies-tv-music/

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