Continuing the Conversation, Post-Launch

Earlier this month I participated in forum hosted by the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee to talk about the recently launched CAS program (you can find a link to video of the full event below).

A large part of the conversation was driven by the CCI Advisory Board, including intellectual property activist Gigi Sohn, Internet expert Jerry Berman and the privacy expert Jules Polonetsky. They discussed their participation in the planning process and their hopes for the program as implementation of CAS continues. Representatives from some of our member ISPs discussed their specific programs, and  Marianne Grant of the Motion Picture Association of America gave a very comprehensive presentation on the process for identifying content alleged to be shared illegally.

Panelists [via the CICAC website]

CCI Leadership

Jill Lesser – Executive Director, Center for Copyright Information (CCI) [Bio]


CCI Advisory Board

Jerry Berman – Founder and Chairman, Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee [Bio]

Jules Polonetsky – Director and Co-Chair, Future of Privacy Forum [Bio]

Gigi Sohn – President and CEO, Public Knowledge [Bio]


CCI Members

Thomas Dailey – Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Verizon [Bio]

Mitch Glazier – Senior Executive Vice President, Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) [Bio]

Marianne Grant – Senior Vice President, Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)[Bio]

Brent Olson – Vice President – Public Policy, AT&T [Bio]


A video of the full event can be viewed here.

The event was open to the press and the public. You can read coverage from The Hill here.

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