An Exciting Week for Digital Learning

The importance of digital learning is at the core of CCI’s mission to help educate consumers about their behavior online. And so we are excited that today is Digital Learning Day, in Washington, DC and across the country. The effort spans the nation and includes teachers, librarians, media specialists, principals, parents, community members and administrators taking steps to apply digital learning in classrooms. The organization offers an library of tools including classroom resources by subject and interactive lessons for use with students.

Classrooms are increasingly representative of the world they are preparing students for: wired and filled with tools to connect with a digital world. Several stories this week highlighted encouraging developments in this trend. As classrooms catch up to a high-speed world, it is important to also teach students about how to act and be responsible on the net.

For example, the start of this week brought exciting news about high-speed internet access in school:

“…the Federal Communications Commission will invest $2 billion during the next two years to expand high-speed Internet at America’s schools and libraries.
[…] “AT&T, Sprint and Verizon pledged about $100 million each toward the ConnectED initiative, while Apple said it would pitch in $100 million in iPads, MacBooks and other products, and Microsoft announced deep discounts on its Windows operating system used in schools.” [ComputerWorld; Feb. 4, 2014]

The ground-breaking announcement makes classroom education efforts all the more important. Access to technology is critical for improving our children’s education—but the content enjoyed using that new technology is vital as well. At CCI, we continue to work with our members, educators and other partners each day to support digital learning and encourage a new generation of digitally informed citizens, using technology responsibly.

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