What Do Teachers Need to Know?

It is important for educators to feel comfortable and prepared to model and teach how to create, acquire and share content, including the rights and responsibilities connected with copyright. That’s why CCI is sponsoring Be a Creator: The Value of Copyright, a K-12 educational campaign meeting California Model School Library Standards with iKeepSafe, California’s State Superintendent and California School Library Association.

The campaign will initially launch in California and then expand nationally, reaching thousands of educators across the country. This will leverage cutting edge resources and enhance educators’ confidence and competence around the value of copyright.

The campaign includes:

  • Professional development video, companion guide, activities and resources
  • K-12 curricula, videos, activities and resources for students
  • Video, ebook and resources for parents/households

Currently, the Copyright Alliance Education Foundation provides educators with access to programs and tools (more broadly) for use in classrooms. Materials, lesson plans and other resources for talking to students about copyright can be found at https://copyrightalliance.org/education_foundation.