What Do I Do if I’ve Received a Copyright Alert?

The “Alert” you received is meant to inform you that your Internet account may have been used to engage in copyright infringementThe illegal distribution of copyrighted works usually without the permission of the copyright owner.. We want you to know about the importance of respecting copyrightCopyright enables artists (people who create songs, movies and TV shows) to decide how to distribute and to be paid for their work; Copyright protects ownership rights whether on CD, DVD or as a digital file on the Internet. and the potential consequences of inadvertent or purposeful sharing of movies, music and TV shows through peer-to-peer networksSharing files over the Internet that involves an individual computer linking to a wide network of computers to download copies of files and share and distribute copies of those files. . To avoid receiving future Alerts, here are some steps you can take:

  • If you have been downloading or sharing content illegally please stop doing so immediately.
  • Make sure that everyone who uses your internet connection knows that you received this alert and advise them to use only legal sources for music, TV shows and movies.
  • Secure your home wireless network so that only people you authorize are able to use it. Learn more here.
  • Check to see if any P2P software is running on your computer or you are otherwise sharing content passively without your knowledge. Learn more here.

If you receive multiple Alerts – meaning that there may be multiple instances of copyright infringement associated with your account – your ISPA company that provides Internet access services via residential, wired networks to consumers who subscribe and pay for those services. may undertake measures that will temporarily affect your Internet experience.

Depending on your service provider, the range of actions may include:

  • A temporary reduction in your Internet speed;
  • A temporary downgrade to your Internet service tier or
  • Redirection to a landing page for a set period of time, until you contact your ISP, or until you complete an online copyright education program

If content is no longer illegally downloaded to or shared from your account, you will not receive additional Alerts.

Note: The Copyright Alert System is designed to protect a subscriber’s ability to access important services, such as Voice over Internet Protocol telephone service (e.g. to call 911), services for disabled subscribers, or home security or medical -monitoring services even during the Mitigation Stage of the program.